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Hairgate, financial institutions attacked, AT&T cramming settlement

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One heck of a hairy situation

It's being called hairgate. Some Apple iPhone 6 users are saying their new phones are pulling out their hair. A small--very small--gap between the screen and aluminum frame is the culprit. Beards and long strands of hair can be pulled when moving the phone away from your face.

Buying a case should solve that problem--or just do not rub it in your face [of course I had to say that!]. So far, Apple has yet to comment on the issue.


Hacking away

It appears the same people who breached JP Morgan Chase have tried to hit other financial institutions. E-Trade, CitiGroup, HSBC, ADP, and Regions all were attacked by the same group.

In the JP Morgan Chase breach, 76 million people were affected. All the other companies say no information was stolen--and at the best--the hackers only got a peek at a security keyhole.


Worry warts

The New York Times says The Obama Administration got an early warning on the JP Morgan Chase breach this summer. But, it still does not have an answer to the question it has been asking: What was the motive of the attack?

No one knows if the intrusion was a theft attempt or retaliation over Ukraine sanctions. There is still no evidence money was taken during the breach.


Ahead of the game

In anticipation of being a target of hackers, Publix is already looking to hire a crisis public relations company. The Washington Post says Publix claims the move is just precautionary; and there is no evidence to show it has already been hacked.

Publix says it wants to be pre-emptive and is looking for a firm to help communicate with customers, employees, and banks.


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