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Xperia Z3v, Dairy Queen hack, Amazon store

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Cold, but not sweet

Hackers have been getting into a little bit of everything, including ice cream. Dairy Queen is the latest company hit with a security breach that may have affected your debit or credit cards.

Hackers could have more than half a million customer names, card numbers, and expiration dates. Right now, there is no evidence that personal information like social security numbers, pins, and email addresses were breached.

16 restaurants in Georgia--all outside of Atlanta--have been affected. The malware used in this attack was also used to hack more than a thousand other businesses. Dairy Queen is offering free identity repair services.


Get your geek on

Gamers now have a new toy to play with; but it is not the usual gaming console. You can call it the Playstation phone [basically]. Sony is using its surging video game business to help its not-so-good mobile phone business.

The Xperia Z3v goes on sale later this month, at Verizon stores. The phone will let Playstation 4 owners play their games remotely.

It is waterproof, with a 5.2" screen. Sony has sold over 10 million PS4's, in the past year. It only has about 3 percent of the global cell phone market.


I <3 NY

Amazon enters the real retail world. The Wall Street Journal says Amazon will open its first brick-and-mortar store, across from the Empire State Building, just in time for holiday shopping.

The store will push Amazon products, like the Kindle, Fire Phone, and Fire TVs. You will be able place an order online and pick up your item that day. Last year, Amazon opened pop-up stores in malls to sell Kindles just before Christmas.


Time to speed things up

If it feels as if you are spending more time in the airport, waiting on your are. The U.S. Department of Transportation says airline delays and cancellations are up over last year.

The major airlines were on time 77 percent of the time, in August. Atlanta-based Delta has the best on-time percentage, among the big carriers. American Airlines had the worst.