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Short deal between suspended GA doc and hospital worth $31,000

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A copy of the contract between Dr. Nedra Dodds and the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital in St. Croix reveals the short two month deal was worth $31,000.

It was a deal that ended two and a half weeks after starting when administrators learned of the suspension of Dodds' Georgia medical license seven months ago.

CBS46 has been investigating Dr. Nedra Dodds for over a year.

Friday Juan F. Luis Hospital administrators said they couldn't speak to whether a background check was done before Dr. Nedra Dodds was hired.

Due to long standing financial problems the hospital may lose its Medicare accreditation in November.

The deal that would employ Dodds for two months as an emergency room consultant to be paid $31,000 is dated Sept. 22, five days after it was supposed to start.

Reports by CBS46's Adam Murphy after two women died during a cosmetic procedure performed by Dodds show a history of medical instability.

"I kept telling the doctor we need to stop this patients' blood pressure is too high, we need to stop we need to stop," said a whistleblower who worked in Dodds' Cobb County office.

CBS46 obtained a copy of the now broken contract and found Dodds was required to be licensed in the Virgin Islands - but when we checked with the Board of Medical Examiners, Dodds has not been granted a license.

CBS46's year-long investigation revealed Dodds didn't have privileges at hospitals in Georgia she claimed to have and she was no longer board certified in emergency medicine, the very job she was hired to do in St. Croix.

St. Croix hospital officials refused a Skype interview, but said they believed Dodds did not need a medical license in St. Croix since she was a contractor.

While the contract makes it clear Dodds was not to deliver direct patient care - 70 percent of her job description was to proposing standard operating procedures in the islands only emergency room.

The other 30 percent of her duties would be to promote the hospital and provide educational material concerning guidelines, operational procedures and quality assessments.

After Friday's 6:00 news the St. Croix hospital responded to more of our questions about Dodds. They now tell CBS46 her contact with the hospital was reviewed as part of a comprehensive analysis of JFL contracts and vendors. The hospital claims her contract was terminated, "as part of a larger reform effort underway at JFL."

When we asked if the hospital sought out the services of Dr. Nedra Dodds their response, "No."

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