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CBS streaming, GA home insurance, mystery shopper scams

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Show off

CBS has a new streaming service called CBS All Access...and it is only going to be $6 a month. You will be ale to select from a library of several thousand television shows owned by the network.

You can also watch current CBS programming with 20 percent fewer commercials. But, it will not stream live sports, like the NFL. On Wednesday, HBO announced it would offer a standalone streaming service next year.


It just keeps going up

Georgia homeowners are not going to be happy to hear this: if you file just one claim, you can expect your insurance rates to rise by 11 percent. says that's one of the highest increases in the country.

A second claim will increase your rates by 20 percent, which meets the national average. Wyoming has the highest increase, at 32 percent. On the other hand, Texas prevents home insurers from increasing rates after one claim.


Don't be fooled

Have you gotten an offer promising to pay you to be a mystery shopper? Chances are, it is a scam. The Federal Trade Commission is warning you about emails saying it will pay you around $1,500 to be a mystery shopper at Walmart, KMart, and other big retailers.

The email will ask you to deposit the check, deduct $300 for expenses, then wire the rest. Instead, depositing the check gives scammers your bank account. If you get such an offer, the FTC wants to hear from you.


McNo Waaaay

If you are a fan of the McRib, this may crush your weekend. McDonald's will not do a national roll out of the sandwich this year. Instead, it will be up to the individual restaurants whether or not they will sell the McRib.

McDonald's normally makes the McRib an annual event for a limited time in this country. Germany is the only place you can buy them year round.


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