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Target free shipping, iCloud warning, bad Apple Pay

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On Target

No matter how little you spend on Target's website, you will get free shipping. Target says this offer will last through December 20. It is a move to try and take a hit from Amazon's online business.

Most retailers have a price point where free shipping kicks in. For Amazon, it is $35, for Walmart it is $50. Target says its research shows shipping costs are the biggest reason customers will abandon an online purchase.


Hacking away at it

The FBI says in the last year alone, hackers have been able to steal 519 million financial records. And, the Feds say that is just a rough estimate.

The FBI's Cyber Response Branch says we now live in an era where a single person can commit 15,000 bank robberies a day, from their home. Cybercrime is believed to cost the global economy somewhere in the neighborhood of $445 billion each year.


Hacker heads in the clouds

Apple is issuing a warning to you this morning about the security of iCloud. It says there are organized attacks trying to steal information from it.

So far, it says its servers have not been compromised. And Apple says its taking these attacks seriously. It appears the attacks have only targeted users in China, up to this point.


Bad apple

Here is one of those unexpected things you learn about during the launch of a new product. Apple Pay, which kicked off Monday, works fine in brick and mortar stores. But online, it is a whole different story.

Fewer than 20 apps support Apple Pay, which means you cannot use it for purchases in the vast majority of apps available, including Amazon and eBay.


Trouble in paradise

Coca-Cola is set to  make some drastic cost cutting moves today. The Atlanta-based beverage empire says it will cut operating costs by $3 billion each year, by 2019. It is not saying how many, if any jobs will be lost to reach the goal.

Coke says its profit has fallen by 14 percent because it has seen a large drop in soda sales.


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