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Shopping despite hacking, smaller flight seats, smartphone key

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 Hackers, what hackers?

You might be worried about hackers stealing your information; but surprisingly, that is not changing your shopping habits. A survey from Deloitte says 56 percent of shoppers say they will return to stores for holiday shopping--the stores that have been hit by security breaches over the past year.

That is news Target, Home Depot, and Kmart want to hear. The same survey says the average household will spend about $1,300 while holiday shopping.


Impatient, much?

Why wait for Black Friday to start your holiday shopping? Amazon and Walmart say they have already started offering Black Friday deals. Both retail giants began early--as in, this past Saturday.

Amazon says it will offer two main deals a day, until December 22nd; and will have thousands of lightning deals. Walmart says it will price match online with Amazon and offer free shipping on certain items.


Tight fit, but worth it

You are probably very familiar with economy plus when you fly. That is where you pay extra for more leg room. Now, get ready for economy minus. The Los Angeles times says one of the major airlines is considering selling a seat to you with less leg room, for a cheaper fare.

The seat would have 30 inches or less of distance between the back of your seat and the seat in front of you. The article does not mention which airline is considering adding economy minus. But, it says about 40 percent of flyers say they would be willing to give up leg room for a cheaper fare.


Tap that app

With suitcase in hand, you want the process of getting into your hotel room to be pretty easy and painless. Now, there is an app for that--which means you can go straight to your room and unlock your door with your smartphone.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is the first chain to allow this type of telephonic entry, which begins today. Other hotels plan on moving in this direction, even allowing you to order drinks poolside, via app.


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