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JC Penney Thanksgiving hours, Comcast issues, Starbucks "eggnot"

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Open for business

JC Penney says it will open its stores earlier this year, on Thanksgiving. Last year, the store opened for the first time on Thanksgiving, at 8pm. It says consumer demand is pushing it to open earlier this year.

It is part of a list of growing stores opening earlier during the holiday. Though, there are a few holdouts who say they will remain closed on Thanksgiving this year.


Crappy service

If you have had problems with your cable service the last couple of days, you are not alone. Comcast is trying to figure out why it has had a widespread television outage twice this week.

Atalanta is one of the cities that has been affected, but it has been a coast to coast problem. Comcast says the problem lies within its X1 platform, and is trying to fix it.


Left coast tax

One of the items overlooked in Tuesday's elections: Berkeley, California became the first city in the country to pass a tax on soda. It means a 20 ounce coke will also have a tax of $.20. The tax will apply to energy drinks, sweet teas, any sugary drink for that matter.

The soft drink industry spent millions to defeat the referendum. A similar bill to tax sugary drinks in San Francisco lost on Tuesday.



Starbucks says it made a big mistake; but it will have the issue resolved by the middle of this month. It decided not to offer the eggnog latte this year, despite it being a seasonal tradition since 1986.

Social media outrage at Starbucks led to the company saying it was sorry, and it will have the drink back in stores nationwide, by November 17th. Starbucks says a lack of eggnog is keeping it from getting the latte back any sooner.