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Net neutrality, Apple hack, Ford's new ride

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Master of their domain

The companies that sell you internet access say they will file suit if the FCC follows the President's recommendation to allow net neutrality.

Verizon wasted no time in saying it will go to court if the FCC decides the internet should be treated as utility. AT&T also says it will take legal action. Though, Comcast, which is trying to win favor from the FCC to merge with Time Warner, did not threaten a lawsuit.

But it did say Congress should decide net neutrality, not the FCC. Currently, internet service providers are lobbying the FCC to allow fast lane services where certain websites would work faster, after paying a fee to the ISP.


Faux fun

There's a new security firm Fire Eye says there are third party apps that replace real applications with fake ones, and steal your information. IOS 7.1 and higher are vulnerable to the attack.

Here is how it works: you might see on a website an ad for something called Flappy Birds. You download it--but it replaces a real app, like a bank app or Gmail...and you will never know it.

This is being called a Masque Attack and Apple has known about the problem since July; but the company has not commented on it.


Hot off the press

Production of Ford's new aluminum F-150's is set to begin today. This marks the biggest vehicle launch for the company in decades. Ford believes it will be a great seller since it is about 700 pound lighter and more fuel efficient.

They have not yet released the mileage, but current F-150's only get about 19 miles per gallon. Under new laws, by 2025, it will need to get 30.2 mpg.



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