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Grocery fixer-upper, Microsoft phone, mayo wars

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Gearing up for BF

You have two weeks to have your plan of attack for Black Friday ready. You can help build it today because Best Buy and Target have released their Black Friday ads.

Both stores will offer a Playstation 4 bundle with Grand Theft Auto5 and The Last of Us for $400. Target will also have an Xbox One bundle with Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and a $50 Target gift card, for $329.

Best Buy will knock $30 off an Amazon Kindle, making it $50. Target will sell a 39" Vizio LED HDTV for $220.


Beefin' it up

Walmart is telling its store managers to get their grocery sections together. The New York Times says a leaked memo has Walmart telling store managers to improve performance in their grocery sections. The memo says stores need to be better at removing moldy or rotting produce...and to discount aging meat.

Walmart sales have been down this year and has always had trouble taking a large slice of the fresh grocery business in this country.


Ring ring...say hello!

Microsoft has unveiled its new, low cost smartphone. The Lumia 535 is expected to go on sale this month for about $135. Microsoft has an eye on emerging markets for this phone; but the company has not announced any US plans.

Microsoft is launching the phone under its own name, dropping the Nokia brand, a few months after buying the Nokia handset business.


Mayo schmayo

When is mayo not mayo? Hellman's is suing a company in California for using the word "mayo" in its sandwich spread name. Hampton Creek produces a spread called Just Mayo. Hellmans says that name implies the spread is mayonnaise; but says federal regulators define mayonnaise as a spread containing eggs.

Hampton Creek does not use eggs in its spread and says because there are no eggs in it, does not mean it is not mayo. Hellmans also contends Just Mayo is hurting Hellmans' sales unfairly.