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911 call released in connection to Peachtree City police chief shooting his wife

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released the 911 call in connection to the Peachtree City police chief shooting his wife on New Year's Day.

Click here to listen to the complete 911 call.

At around 4:17 a.m. Jan. 1, officers responded to the 100 block of Autumn Leaf in Peachtree City in reference to the 911 call.

Once officers realized the shooting had taken place at the home of their boss, investigators called for the assistance of the GBI, which took over the case.

According to Sherry Lang, a spokeswoman for the GBI, Peachtree City Police Chief William E. McCollom called 911 to report that he had accidentally shot his wife.

"The initial reports that we got from the 911 call were that the chief had shot his wife accidentally twice," said Lang. "As a result of our preliminary interview, we have found that he only shot her one time."

In the 911 call, you can hear McCollum calmly tell the operator that he shot his wife. In the call, McCollom said he accidentally shot her while she was in the bed.

McCollom told the operator he thought his wife was suffering from internal bleeding, and the operator calmly walked him through a medical procedure while they waited for emergency crews to arrive.

McCollom was initially unidentified on the call, but eventually told the operator he was the chief of police.

Part of the conversation is listed below:

Operator: What's going on there?

McCollom: Gunshot wound. Accidental…needs medical ASAP.

Operator: Okay, where are you shot at?

McCollom: What's that?

Operator: Where's the person shot at?

McCollom: In the back.

Operator: You said it was an accident?

McCollom: Yes.

Operator: She was shot twice accidental? 

McCollom: Yes.

Operator: Who shot her?

McCollom: Me.

Operator: How did you shoot her?

McCollom: The gun was in the bed, I went to move it, I put it to the side then it went off.

Operator: Is she awake?

McCollom: No, Everybody was sleeping.

Operator: No, is she awake now?

McCollom: Huh?

Operator: Is she awake now?

McCollom: Yes.

Operator: Is she breathing?

McCollom: Yes.

Operator: Where's the gun at?

McCollom: Ah, I don't know. I threw it to the side. It might be in the bed here. I don't know. You having trouble breathing dear?

Operator: You are with her now?

McCollom: What's that? I'm the chief of police. It's the—the gun is on the dresser.

Operator: Okay, you're the chief of police in Peachtree City?

McCollom: Yeah, unfortunately yes.

Operator: Is that her crying?

McCollom: Yes, she's having trouble breathing now.

Operator: Okay…

(Groans in background)

Operator: This just occurred now right before you called?

McCollom: Yep, yep. It went off right in the middle of the night.

Operator: Is there any serious bleeding?

McCollom: Well, it's internal. But, yes there is?

McCollom: Oh my god!

Operator: What's your name sir?

McCollom: How did this happen? Will McCollom.

Operator: Were you asleep also sir when it happened?

McCollom: Yep. You alright dear? I know you're not alright, I mean. Still breathing?

McCollom's wife, Margaret, was taken by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center where she was originally listed in critical condition.

Chief McCollom is on administrative leave pending the completion of the investigation and an internal review.

According to the Boca Raton News in Florida, McCollom has a master's degree in public administration and he is the father of six children. He spent 23 years with the Delray Beach police department, before he was appointed chief of the Tequesta police department.

In a 2006 interview with WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, McCollom said, "My field training officer remarked as I was leaving Delray that he thought it was great because the first day I was in the seat of his car he asked me what I wanted to be and I told him I wanted to be the chief of police. Now I've made it and I'm very proud."

He made a brief exit from law enforcement to care for his sister in Wyoming in 2010, then McCollom joined the Peachtree City police department in 2012.  He was named chief in October 2014.

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