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Voice analyst: Peachtree City police chief isn't telling whole story

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Peachtree City Police Chief William McCollom told a 911 operator that he accidentally shot his own wife, Margaret, early New Year's Day.

T.J. Ward, who has more than 40 years in law enforcement and who owns Investigative Consultants International, is not buying the story.

When asked if McCollom was being truthful on the call, Ward said,"no." Ward said that does not mean that McCollom was lying, but Ward added, "I would say he's being inaccurate and not telling the whole story."

Ward, who was the lead investigator in the Natalee Holloway case, ran McCollom's 911 call through a voice analysis program. It measures emotional and psychological content and can recognize when someone is not telling the truth.

"We've analyzed that part of the statement and there are some problems with what he is saying," Ward said.

Ward showed CBS 46 graphs of McCollom's call. McCollom's voice peaked when he said the gunshot was accidental.

"High risk false," Ward said.

Ward noted that McCollom seemed oddly calm throughout most of the call for a man who just shot his wife and did not know if she would live or die.

"I would think that the reaction as to what transpired on the 911 tape that he would be a little more excited," Ward said.

Ward also analyzed how McCollom said he shot his wife. McCollom told the operator the "gun was in the bed. I went to move it. I put it to the side and it went off."

According to the vocal analysis that is one of the few times McCollom's voice shows a high level of excitement and stress.

When asked if the chief is holding back something, Ward responded: "I think there's a question that needs to be answered. I think the whole story has not been pronounced."

Ward said he believed McCollom did not intend to shoot but he believes it was not a total accident either.

Ward said McCollom's call raises more questions than answers.

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