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DeKalb County mother accused in deaths of children

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A Metro Atlanta mother of five is accused of child neglect and murder. Three of her children died in a December 2014 house fire.

According to DFCS documents, Rockell Coleman left her children sleeping inside her DeKalb County home without food or adult supervision. Coleman told police she was expecting her friend to show up and baby sit.

Police were not able to contact that friend. At the time of the fire, Coleman was at Varsity with a male friend.

"I thank God for those who donated their money to help us bury him. And those two other children," Derek Brown said.

Brown's 10-year-old son, Jarvis Brown, died in the fire.

Coleman and Brown are divorced, but according to records, Coleman was charged with attempted murder after cutting Brown with a knife. Coleman said she did it in self-defense and the charges were dropped.

Documents show Coleman felt overwhelmed by the financial stress from raising her children.

In June 2013, the agency investigated claims that Coleman was leaving her kids unsupervised, without food.

The investigation closed a year later, citing a lack of evidence. Coleman is set to appear in court Thursday.

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