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Clarkston chaplain sleeps with guns, Bible to feel safe

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David Elmore David Elmore

A Clarkston man said constant violence in his neighborhood is making it difficult to sleep at night, but he's resting a bit easier with a Bible and gun by his side.

David Elmore told CBS46 stray bullets often fly in his Springdale Glen apartment complex.

"The kids need to be able to be safe, they need to be able to know that they can lay their selves down in the bed at night and wake up in the morning," said Elmore.

Elmore showed CBS46 where a stray bullet entered his apartment around 10 p.m. Wednesday. The round entered his apartment just feet from where he was sitting.

But the Vietnam veteran showed little fear.

"I was like that's probably a 9 [mm] or something like that," said Elmore. "Really, to tell the truth I wasn't scared. I was shook up a little bit. I can't believe a round came through my bedroom. We've got too many kids around this apartment building."

The chaplain said he's protected by the grace of God, but at night he depends on a little more than pillows for comfort.

Elmore said he sleeps with a gun and a Bible. Another gun is just within reach.

"I'm praying, 'Lord God, let me get that shot off first,"' said Elmore.

Elmore said police arrived shortly after the shooting. No one was injured, but Elmore said a neighbor told him bullets were also fired into their apartment.

Elmore said he would like to move, but is on a fixed income and cannot afford it.

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