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Trainer accused of animal abuse toward dolphin

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Shocking video has surfaced of what some are calling animal abuse, as a dolphin is hit, kicked and screamed at by a man who seems to have an extremely short temper with animals.

The undercover video was shot in Spain and posted to an animal rights group's website. The video shows a man hitting, screaming at and kicking dolphins during training.

The animal rights group, called SOS Delfines, said the man in the video is Jose Barbero, who will become the Senior Vice President of the Georgia Aquarium in March.

A spokesperson with PETA questioned the vetting process for Barbero's hiring in a Skype interview with CBS46's Tyler Bacome.

"One has to assume that they simply didn't do their due-diligence before hiring him," the spokesperson said, adding, "The video is appalling."

The Georgia Aquarium released the following statement on behalf of Chairman and CEO Mike Leven:

"Georgia Aquarium has a zero tolerance policy against mistreatment of any of our animals. [Barbero's] 35 years of professional experience has been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the leaders of Georgia Aquarium, and we are confident in his commitment to the wellbeing and care of our animals."

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