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National Battery Day

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Get a charge out of National Battery Day! Celebrated each year on February 18, this day recognizes and acknowledges a great invention that would be hard to live without. Batteries are used in many things in our everyday lives.

In 1748 Benjamin Franklin first coined the term "battery" to describe an array of charged glass plates.

It is said that Alessandro Volta invented the voltaic pile in 1800 thereby producing the first practical method of generating electricity. "The voltaic pile was made by alternating plates of zinc and copper that had pieces of cardboard soaked in brine between them. The metallic conducting arc was used to carry the electricity over a greater distance. Alessandro Volta's voltaic pile was the modern world's first "wet cell battery". This first "battery" produced a reliable, steady current of electricity."

Batteries come in all different shapes, sizes and power capacities. There are tiny watch or hearing aid batteries to large car batteries.

Take a minute to think about how many household items, appliances, electronics, games and etc. that you use each day that require batteries. This list might have on it everything from computers, cell phones and cameras to children's toys to hearing aids and medical devices to smoke alarms and flashlights, as well as cars, motorcycles and boats. This list could go on and on for a few pages. With this being said, we all know that we need batteries!

Helpful Hint: Remember to store your batteries in a cool, dry location in their original package, until you are ready to use them.

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