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Bill would require public school students to say pledge daily

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Missouri State Representative is proposing a law that would require public schools to set time aside every day for students to say the Pledge of Allegiance together.

House Bill 499 would change the current state law that requires schools to have students recite the pledge at least once a week.

On Monday, the Missouri House committee on Emerging Issues in Education met to discuss the bill.

Rep. Shane Roden (R-Jefferson County) said students in his district brought the subject to his attention because they were only required to say it once a week and there weren't American Flags in every classroom.

Growing up, Roden said he said the pledge every single day and he said it is an issue that students aren't doing the same now.

Roden said he does not want children growing up not knowing how to say the pledge.

However, Roden did point out that the bill does say that students could opt out of reciting the pledge.

Heartland parents remember reciting the pledge on a daily basis.

"I can remember that was the first thing you did when the bell rang. You stood up and put your hand over your heart and you pledge allegiance to the flag," Travis Sheppard said.

For people like Sheppard, the pledge has a bigger meaning.

"You're not just saying something to the flag, you're remembering our fore fathers, our fathers, our grandfathers, their grandfathers who fought for us to be that way," Sheppard said.

However, some Heartland residents believe children should have the right to not recite the pledge.

"We all have different beliefs, I put it that way," Alice Henry said. "And we should not do anything or expect the children to do anything that goes their parents beliefs."

Sikeston R-6 Superintendent Tom Williams said if this bill were to pass it would not interfere with the normal school day and it could be worked into their schedule.

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