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Gwinnett County Schools respond to snow day Twitter campaign

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Students in Gwinnett County took to Twitter in droves - first to beg for a snow day, then to share their outrage when that didn't happen.

Every time the threat of winter weather appears, Gwinnett County students take to Twitter, voicing their desire for a snow day under the hashtag #CloseGwinnett.

The grassroots effort with no obvious leader is making a huge footprint on social media.

"Students, apparently, are out there in force, letting people know what they think," said spokesperson for Gwinnett County Schools, Sloan Roach.

Gwinnett County schools affirm, while impressive, the frenzy of tweets plays no role in their decision-making.

"We all have this idea in the back of our minds that it will help, but I think we all know that it won't," said Gwinnett County student Annie Neal.

As the only major district in the metro area staying open Thursday, they've been taking a lot of heat from students and parents alike, but district officials remain steadfast.

"You are going to make fifty percent of the people happy and fifty percent of the people unhappy with whatever decision you make," said Roach.

Alan Neal is one of many parents who heard about the Twitter trend from their kids, some of whom put a lot of effort into their funny pictures and captions.

"I kind of think that there's no reason why you can't go to school today, because the weather seems fine," said Allen Neal.

District officials said one of the reasons the trend has gained so much ground could be because they always wait for the latest information on road conditions to make their decision, giving the conversation plenty of time to heat up, and causing some kids to stay up way too late waiting for the answer.

"There may be a little more interest because folks were talking about it because they were not sure if we were going to be open or not. My advice would be on days like this, if you have not heard before it's time to go to bed if we're closed, just go on to bed," said Roach.

Students in Gwinnett County are making up the two snow days on March 13 and May 21 - days that the students normally would have off - so no one is getting a free vacation.

 Neighboring Cobb County got nearly the same weather as Gwinnett this year, but that school district closed school for five snow days.  With Gwinnett being the only major district near Atlanta to stay open Thursday, the disparity of decision-making is also fueling the controversy.

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