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Witness: Suspect who killed officer pretended to be cop

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Before Brenda Graves' home was riddled with bullets, she said a man knocked on her door and the doors of her neighbors and told them he was a police officer searching for a serial killer.

“I think he was trying to hide from the police,” Graves said.

Graves was rattled out of bed by gunshots that sounded more like mini explosions.

“It was loud, it was very loud. It didn't sound like a normal gun,” Graves said. “It sounded like a rifle. It woke me up to a point where I fell right on the floor.”

Neighbors described hearing a barrage of bullets. One bullet struck and killed Fulton County Police Officer Terence Green, who was a 22-year veteran of the force.

The rampage through the neighborhood has left residents shaken and saddened that the officer died protecting them.

“It is surreal to know someone that was protecting and serving lost his life,” Graves said. “He won't get to see his family… and when I see where he was shot at, and could hear everything that was going on; it is surreal.”

Amanuel Menghesha will be charged with multiple felony charges including murder.

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