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Clayton County Schools put brakes on info about erratic bus driver

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CLAYTON COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - Gregory George said he was disgusted when he saw exclusive video on CBS46 that showed a Clayton County school bus driver cross a double yellow line and into oncoming traffic. As a parent with kids in Clayton County schools, George said he was also shocked.

"To me he was driving like he just didn't care about the kids or nothing. I couldn't believe what I saw on the news," said George.

Parent Nicole Pace shared a similar sentiment.

"Ooooooh. They really need to talk about the drivers and the hiring process because they're our kids," said Pace.

George said he didn't even want to think how he would have reacted had his kids been on-board the bus at the time.

"Oh I'd probably been in jail right now because I couldn't lose my kid. I'd probably be in jail," said George.

More than anything, parents we spoke with wanted to know whether the bus driver was still on the job. But we couldn't tell parents whether a potentially dangerous driver was transporting their children because Clayton County Schools wouldn't tell CBS46.

A spokesperson for the district wouldn't go on camera, opting to provide a written statement instead. The 2-sentence statement read:

"The district's transportation department is continuing its investigation into the allegation. We have determined that no one was injured and that there was no property damage."

The lack of transparency didn't sit well with Gregory George.

"I think that's just outrageous to keep that to themselves," said George.

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