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Former police officer charged with soliciting bribes take plea deal

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A former DeKalb County police officer facing felony charges for allegedly soliciting bribes and striking a woman has taken a plea deal.

Officer Brandon Brown was charged with two felonies of violation of the oath of office.

In exchange for the plea deal, Brown will receive three years of probation along with a $1,000 fine.

Investigators say Brown worked part-time security at a restaurant and hookah bar off Clairemont Avenue back in 2013 while he still served with the police department.

One night while on the job, someone inside the bar approached him and told him about a customer who was smoking marijuana.

Brown is accused of offering the man a deal – in exchange for $50, he would let the man go instead of arresting him.

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James says “I can tell you that there were witnesses there – there were people that saw what took place along with the individual that was directly involved and the incident, part of it was recorded as well.”

James says Brown noticed a woman recording video of the incident outside with her phone and that's when he knocked it out of her hands and tried preventing her from picking it up.

Brown is also charged with battery and violating his oath of office.

“You know we live in a society now where everyone has a cell phone and everyone that has a cell phone has a video camera and so there was a light shined on misconduct by government officials and police officers, says James.

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