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Study shows APS students cheated out of education

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A recent study underlines how altered test scores in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal affected students in the long run.

"Some students had many answers changed, as many as 20 or more," said professor Tim Sass of Georgia State University.

The economics teacher recently authored the report. He said the results confirm what many assumed.

"Students whose scores were manipulated now have lower achievement than comparable students," said Sass.

Add, on top of that, a disproportionate amount of the students impacted being black. The report lists 98 percent of black students who had 10 or more answers erased are behind.

Overall, Sass found students impacted are not on the same level as their peers.

"Students are somewhere between a quarter and half a year behind comparable students," added Sass.

Looking ahead to next year, APS said it will continue to offer assistance to students struggling in reading and math.

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