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A Reporter's Notebook: President Carter Interview (Part 1)

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The health of former President Jimmy Carter turned into a worldwide story after he cut his trip to Guyana two days short.

We were there for the scramble to get Carter back to Atlanta. I sat down with him for an exclusive interview to ask why he had to come home.

"How disappointed where you that you had to leave?" I asked. 

"I was really disappointed," Carter answered.

It turns out President Carter went to Guyana with his immune system already weakened, caused by his own schedule.

"I had an extremely bad cold before I left home that I had acquired on my recent visit to the Mideast," Carter said.

He traveled to Guyana for another historic mission in his post-presidency, which was to witness The Carter Center's 100th political observation.

"I thought it would get better and better while I was there, but on Saturday night, I got much worse," Carter explained.

That's when CBS46 photojournalist Eric Carlton and I got a scary phone call Saturday night into Sunday morning.

We were only told the former president wasn't well and would be leaving Sunday morning, two days early. He'd miss election day.

A few hours later, around 9 a.m. Sunday, we got a visual clue, though, on his health.

President Carter's illness couldn't have been that bad because he met with political leaders in Guyana, then got on the plane to head home.

"I was very careful not to shake hands with them or get close to them," Carter added.

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