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Watch out for secondary drowning this weekend

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Heading into the holiday weekend, water safety is imperative, especially in the case of near-drowning experiences.

You'll want to watch out for secondary drowning, which is when fluid remains in your lungs after a close call.

Gwinnett County Fire Captain Tommy Rutledge says to watch out for secondary drowning "if a child falls into the water, or slips into the water and they come up coughing, spitting up water."

"We don't hear about it that often. It's rare, but it can happen. It can happen to anyone at any age," added Rutledge.

However, he went on to say it's most common in children because of their small size.

One parent having fun with her daughter at Jones Bridge Park said, "The secondary you know, they're fine, then you get home and something happens."

Dr. Jim Fortenberry with the Children's Hospital of Atlanta said after your child is submerged under water and resurfaced, parents should keep an eye out for coughing, troubled breathing or blueness around the lips for up to six hours.

Captain Rutledge adds that parents should always monitor their kids.

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