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Flooding wreaks havoc on metro Atlanta

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Heavy rain is taking its toll on many areas in metro Atlanta, including several homes and apartments in Midtown.

The flooding actually caused several cars to float onto the top of other cars in the parking lot of an apartment complex on North Avenue, leaving residents wondering what to do.

Kristin Darbonne told CBS46 that she could only watch as people tried moving their cars in the parking deck.

"It just started raining all of a sudden and in about 10 or 15 minutes later, my boyfriend looked out the window and told me to come and see and the whole front road was flooded," says Darbonne. "Everybody on the bottom row was trying to move their cars but then a few minutes later there was nothing anybody could do."

It was completely flooded there with the water shifting cars on top of others.

The flooded water could be seen outside the apartment complex, even in over a dozen apartments.

Residents say they walked through at least two feet of water in their homes.

The water has gone down and people have called AAA to move their cars and maintenance crews are making their way around inspecting the damage.

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