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Issues at Friendship Tower continue

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ATLANTA (CBS46) - While some senior tenants living at Friendship Tower said their apartments have cooled down since a new chiller was installed last week, others said it's still too warm in their homes.

Kaz Pulliam lives on the 13th floor. On Monday his thermostat read 82 degrees, while two fans, two portable air conditioners and a now working chiller were running.

When CBS46 was invited into his apartment, we brought a thermometer of our own. It read 82.

"It's some type of progress being made, but its still not sufficiently cool in the units for the people living there,"

A representative from Friendship Tower's management company went inside as well and tested the vent connected to the new custom chiller. It read 70.1 degrees. However, tenant Sharon Bridges said she's not feeling it.

"In my apartment, if it weren't for the portables that we have, it probably would be unbearable," said Bridges.

The management company rep said the problem isn't the air conditioning unit, but the apartment's system that may have a clogged filter, a bad compressor or other issues. He said crews are continuing to inspect each apartment to check for any problems and fix them. 

"All of us, we're rooting for it. We want air. We don't want this. This [isn't any] fun," said Pulliam.

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