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Very big Confederate flag to stay above I-75

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South Carolina lawmakers made a decision to take it down, but in Georgia, there is at least one place where a huge Confederate flag will continue to fly.

If you take a trip down I-75 towards Florida, you're liable to come across flags of every size and variety along the side of the highway. One of those flags pis high above the trees at exit 71, about ten miles north of Tifton.

It's an approximately 18 x 30 foot Confederate flag attached to a tall pole on private property within sight of thousands of drivers who pass by every day.

Robert Davis is the man who lives here.  He said he was approached by the Sons of Confederate Veterans who asked if they could hoist a flag over his property.  He agreed, and he used the money they paid him to buy a tombstone for his mother.

In Davis' opinion, the flag has gotten a bad rap because of hate groups who have hijacked its meaning.  He said it used to be considered a historical novelty displaying regional identity until the symbol was corrupted by contemporary organizations with an agenda.

"The Klan, who I abhor with all my heart, took that flag and turned it into something that it's not," said Davis.

The goal was to get as much exposure for the flag as possible by putting it along the interstate, but sometimes he gets unwanted attention.

"Every once in a while I meet someone whose overall social views clashed with mine. I wasn't sad to see them take their car out of my driveway. In fact, I helped a few of them out of the driveway," said Davis.

He described one time when a man he calls the wrong kind of flag supporter came to his door.

"He had obviously just got out of prison, and he was talking about my flag and then he wanted to show me his.  He had a confederate flag [tattoo] with skulls all through it. And I said, 'look partner, that ain't me.  You've got a much misaligned impression of my particular views.'"

Even if the flag gets taken down from every public place in the south, Davis said this one is staying put for the time being. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans' lease for the flag on his property goes through 2025, but announced plans to widen the interstate may force it to move before then.

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