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First female NFL coach inspires others

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Jen Welter, the first woman to coach in the National Football League, is inspiring many off the field.

“Football is usually for guys, but since a girl is starting to coach, it’s pretty cool and inspirational to me,” said 12-year-old Maggie Nguyen.

The competitive swimmer said Welter is showing the world that women have the same abilities as men.

“Maybe they underestimate her because like she’s a woman,  but they shouldn’t because. well, she can do exactly the same things they can,” she added.

Parkview High School wide receiver and kicker Garson Montano is defending the move.

“She’s still a person, so there’s not really that much of a difference. Doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl,” said Montano.

He said Welter’s womanhood will work to her advantage.

“Listening to my mom and, well if I don’t do what she says then I was going to get punished. So I mean it’ kind of the same,” he added.

Welter will work with linebackers as a coaching intern for the Arizona Cardinals for the summer.

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