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How to properly use a taser

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Using a Taser as a control device instead of a use of deadly force means following protocol.

David Artman, owner of Home Security Superstore, said the jolt from a Taser is simply meant to shock you and disable body movement for a few seconds.

“You pull the trigger just like you would on a handgun and instead of a bullet coming out, the electrified darts come out. They travel up to 17 feet, they hit the person, they embed in the person and then the electrical shock is being delivered,” said Artman.

That practice is used within some metro Atlanta police departments.

On Tuesday, two officers were indicted on felony murder charges related to the use of a Taser. In April 2014, investigators said Gregory Towns was tased more than a dozen times. His death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner.

Another man died after a tasing incident in DeKalb County. When Troy Robinson ran from police, he tried to jump an 8-foot brick wall. Investigators said Officer Casey Benton tased him in the back and Robinson fell over. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Artman said no one should be able to be killed by a taser.

“That was a really bad choice from that officer. If you have somebody in a compromised state and they’re going to fall down…you can’t tase them in an area where the ramifications, not from the tasing itself but from the fall, would be catastrophic,” said Artman.

In a document given to CBS46 by the Robinson family attorney, it states that DeKalb County officers must keep any eye out for stairwells, bodies of water and any other environmental factor that could cause serious injury.

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