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Gun law debated after shooting of reporter, photographer

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It’s the great debate that never seems to end - the conversation over gun laws.

Just last year, Governor Deal signed the Safe Carry Protect act which expanded where licensed carriers can bring guns.

“You can’t carry in schools…you can’t carry within 150 feet of a polling place during election,” said Jerry Henry, executive director of the Second Amendment rights organization

Lucia McBath of Everytown for Gun Safety believes stricter gun legislation should be enacted in order to prevent gun violence.

“It ends when we do something that is just relatively simple, to keep guns out of dangerous hands,” said McBath.

She said the senseless killing of two journalists on live television Wednesday brought flashbacks of when her son Jordan Davis was shot and killed by Michael Dunn at a Florida gas station.

“It creates for you this tremendous amount of angst and pain because you know something can be done about it,” said McBath.

However, Henry said stricter laws and background checks won’t do anything but infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens.

“Laws are only applied to law abiding citizens. The criminal doesn’t care what law it is,” said Henry. 

“Yes, there’s a strong chance they’ll get the gun on the black market,” said McBath. “But you have to have deterrents”.

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