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DeKalb County sanitation worker fired for DUI then rehired

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CBS46 uncovered some questionable actions by the DeKalb County Sanitation Department following the release of a county corruption report.

On page 36 and 37 of the investigative report, it refers to a sanitation worker that was arrested for DUI and what happened next crossed the line, according to one county commissioner.

“How is a person with that kind of record employed by DeKalb County, ever?” Commissioner Nancy Jester asked.

Jester contacted the DeKalb County Sanitation Department Thursday in search of answers. She was appalled to learn that one of the sanitation employees was arrested on the job for driving under the influence of alcohol and county tax dollars were used to pay the vehicle impound fee.

“The employee was fired, as you would expect, for driving drunk in a county vehicle, however, the employee was hired back the next week,” Jester said.

Jester questioned sanitation director Billy Malone and she said he told her he was unaware of the issue until it was uncovered in the corruption investigation.

“Who processed that paperwork and didn’t run out of their office with their hair on fire, saying no you can’t do this? Again, no oversight in DeKalb County, that’s what we face,” Jester said.

It’s unclear whether the employee paid back tax dollars used for the impound fee, and even more troubling, it’s uncertain whether the employee is still working for the sanitation department.

“What steps is the county taking to ensure that this person isn’t anywhere near a vehicle that could be driving down your street while your children are playing? I mean the liability issue there is out of control,” Jester said.

CBS46 contacted the sanitation director for to get to the bottom of this issue and we are waiting on an official response. We have been informed by Bowers and Hyde that during their investigation, they discovered a $1400 expenditure for LEGOS by the sanitation department. We are asking the director of the department for an explanation and will continue to do so until we receive an answer.

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