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Debating gun control in Atlanta

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Jay Wallace is owner of Adventure Outdoors, a sporting goods store, in Cobb County. He is a member of the NRA.

"More gun laws is not going to change anything because it takes one gun and one bad person to do a lot of damage and disarming millions of people because of one gun and one individual doing the damage makes no sense," Wallace said.

On the other side of the issue is Rabbi Peter Berg. He is a member of an advocacy group called Outcry.

"The argument we are making is that too many people have too much access to guns, people that should not have access to guns," Rabbi Berg said. "People who are getting them from illegal sources and that needs to be stopped and fixed."

The two agree that mental health is an issue that must be addressed when talking about gun safety.

"There are too many guns, too many people that have access to guns," Rabbi Berg said. "That's one problem. Another problem is the mental health and it's not one or the other it's both problems need to be addressed."

"You take individuals that are sick or they have some kind of problem and you try to make decisions for a whole country and take away freedoms from honest people, it's strange," Wallace said.

But their differences show when it comes to where guns should be allowed like college campuses.

"If we've learned anything in the last couple of years, the last place anybody should be carrying a gun except for trained law enforcement is a college campus," Rabbi Berg said.

"If someone had a firearm maybe they could have saved five or more lives to keep it from going on," Wallace said. "What good does it do to have a bunch of innocent people and one guy, one bad guy, with a firearm shooting people at will."

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