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DeKalb CEO a no show at county meeting

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DeKalb County commissioners tossed around a slew of ideas Tuesday that they believe will address accusations of government corruption and ultimately restore public trust, but taxpayers weren’t buying it.

“Today’s meeting was typical. There was nothing new and revolutionary about what was brought up and discussed except for the fact that they come up with new ways to dodge the real issues,” DeKalb County taxpayer Joe Arrington said.

Commissioner Jeff Rader introduced a resolution that does nothing more than simply support the governor’s decision to have the GBI investigate alleged misuse of county funds. 

“This basically says that we are supportive of that type of effort,” Rader said.

Commissioner Nancy Jester introduced a resolution that would require someone to sign off on every county expenditure, providing better oversight.

“I think we are at the point where we need people to sign under penalty of termination and department heads to validate certain things,” Jester said.

Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson argued that ethical training was needed and that she hasn’t received any since joining the board in July.

“It was very disheartening to me that I could not send my staff anywhere for ethical training,” Johnson said.

Even more troubling, interim CEO Lee May was a no show at the meeting during this critical time for the county. May’s spokesperson told CBS46 he had no idea where May was Tuesday morning.

“Every year I say to myself, as well as to my friends and other people here, that I don’t think that it can get any worse and yet each year it seems to get a little bit worse than it was the year before,” Arrington said.

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