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Confederate flag group interrupts child's birthday party

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A pickup truck full of people waving Confederate flags interrupted a child's birthday party at a home in metro Atlanta.

The incident occurred in Douglasville, which is about 22 miles west of Atlanta.

Authorities released the names of 15 people indicted in the altercation between a group of people flying Confederate flags on their trucks, and the group of birthday party celebrants.

The suspects are all charged with violating the street gang and terrorism prevention act, as well as terrorist threats, and a few defendants face charges of battery.

According to the indictment, dated October 9, District Attorney Brian K. Fortner believes the defendants were involved in gang activity, with a group called "Respect the Flag", and that they, by threatening the people at the birthday party on Campbellton Rd., terrorized the people there. 

A woman CBS46 spoke with said she didn't want to appear on camera, but didn't mind saying this is the type of thing that's forcing her to move out of town. 

"Too much drama. Every time you turn around and look, Douglasville is always in the news. Always something going on and I don't like it," she said.

The woman who hosted the birthday party didn't want to comment for our story but issued a written statement through her lawyer at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

She said, in part, that she felt scared that day and that "this is what terror feels like."

Report: Group argued with, fought celebrants

In July, the Douglasville Police Department received information that a group of trucks flying rebel flags, were southbound on Highway 92 from Paulding County entering into Douglas County.

Police were later notified that the people in the trucks were in a heated argument people celebrating a child's birthday party at a home. Officers on scene were given conflicting statements as to what led up to the confrontation.

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