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Union rep has concerns after sanitation director admits to wrecking county vehicles

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Disturbing details emerged Wednesday regarding the director of the DeKalb County Sanitation Department.

Union representative Eric Robertson, with Teamsters Local 728, identified serious concerns involving Director Billy Malone.

“I’ve seen county employees be terminated for incidents much more minor than that one right there,” Robertson said.

Robertson responded to a CBS46 investigation which revealed that Malone had wrecked several county vehicles.

“Well he’s reviewing his own accidents so that in and of itself should be problematic,” Robertson said.

Our investigation found Malone's most recent incident happened in 2014 when he ran into a pole at the county landfill, but it’s what happened next that is troubling.

“He immediately left the scene of the incident before anybody else arrived for the incident,” Robertson said.

Even more disturbing, the internal incident report is incomplete with no mention of disciplinary action.

“I see a lot of blank forms, a lot of information that is supposed to be in there that is not. Clearly, they appear to be pencil whipped,” Robertson said.

In 2012, Malone was involved in two other accidents, one which caused nearly $10,000 in damage to his county truck. The other happened outside the county in downtown Atlanta with no mention of disciplinary action. 

After being asked if there should be discipline at the top after multiple wrecks in a county vehicle, Malone answered, “Yes there should and we go through the system where I give it to my supervisor, they review it and they make a determination.”

But Robertson said Malone is chairman of the accident review committee for the sanitation department and is not held to the same standards.

“The county typically takes a very hard line when it comes to accidents for rank-and-file employees and clearly from what we can tell, they have not taken the same sort of position when it came to incidents involving Mr. Malone,” Robertson said.

Malone did not respond to our request for a follow up interview Wednesday and his parking spot at the sanitation department was empty most of the afternoon.

Robertson also told CBS46 that it doesn't appear that Malone took a drug and alcohol screening after each accident as required by code.

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