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Mayor answers to allegations that he threatened non-profit

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CBS46 visited the Dunwoody mayor’s office Friday to confront the city’s leader about allegations that he made threats to a non-profit organization.

According to co-president of the Dunwoody Preservation Trust, Melanie Williams, Mayor Mike Davis threatened to throw the organization under the bus.

“You will issue a press release saying that you've made a mistake and if this is not done and if I find the media at my door, I will throw Dunwoody preservation trust under the bus,” said Melanie Williams.

“I don't think I said that,” said Davis.

Mayor Davis denied the threats and said the issue is out of his hands.

“If there is a bus, this is basically the bus…that I’m making sure that everybody understands that this is not a city of Dunwoody issue, this is two non-profits having an argument and I told them to solve this argument before the cameras showed up at Dunwoody,” said Davis.

Two non-profits are going back and forth over Light up Dunwoody. Preservation trust holds the holiday event, while the homeowners association hosts it.

This year the homeowners association wanted a menorah next to the Christmas tree on the preservation trust’s lawn. The preservation trust said no to both symbols.

The mayor admitted to pressuring the preservation trust to settle any issues with the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.

“If my ability to get them to get to the table and get them to discuss is considered strong arming then, I would definitely [want to] be strong arming them to get them to sit down together,” said Davis.

Mayor Davis advised the two groups come to an agreement quickly.

"I suggest they sit down and just have a nice conversation and they can have it done by this weekend,” said the city’s mayor.

The annual event kicks off November 22.

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