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Students credited for finding missing GA Tech student

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A mother is thankful to the students who helped find her missing son.

Georgia Institute of Technology student James Hubert, 24, had been missing since late Friday night when he left a party.

Friends and family started a search when Hubert didn't answer phone calls or texts all weekend.

"Unbelievable. They really pulled it together, they're an amazing group of people," said Hubert's mother, Diane Hubert, of the students that searched for her son.

Monday morning, his friends found him in a ditch, bruised and bloodied, but he's going to be OK.

Diane Hubert may never have another moment so joyful in her life as the moment she got the call letting her know her son was alive.

"I am the happiest mother on earth," said Diane Hubert.

While police have not been able to talk to James Hubert yet, his mother gave CBS46 insight as to what might have happened to him.

"I think he got mugged. He left the party, and we think he, he said somebody mugged him. They ripped all his clothes, and his wallet, and watch, his phone. Left him for dead," said Diane Hubert.

What remains a mystery, to Diane and her other son David, is how James Hubert wound up so far from the party.

That event was on Joseph Lowery Boulevard, but James Hubert was found along train tracks just off DeKalb Avenue, several miles east of there.

While Georgia Tech and Atlanta police were involved in the search, they gave credit to James Hubert's friends at the Phi Delta Theta fraternity for heading up the search for him. They used their smartphones to track him down.

Several of his classmates spent the day at the hospital.

"We were scared to death for Jimmy, didn't know what to think. Didn't know where he was," said Jackson Todd.

Todd and Danny Goldman did not get much sleep this weekend. When they realized their fraternity brother was missing, they sprung into action, looking everywhere.

"As every minute went on, it got more scary, more scary, more real. You didn't want to believe anything was wrong," said Goldman.

They realized James Hubert just happened to have a second phone on him, belonging to another friend. Using the track my phone app, they pinned his location to DeKalb Avenue.

"We got there before the ambulance and police arrived, his eyes were open, he was breathing. We were all so happy, we put our coats over him. It was an incredible sight to see. Overwhelming," said Goldman.

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