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DeKalb County commissioner claims she was tossed out of meeting

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The bitter battle in DeKalb County taking a new twist. DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester is taking aim at interim CEO Lee May, saying he has "lost touch with reality."

Jester said she was kicked out of a tax payer funded meeting on Monday for the director of Peachtree-DeKalb Airport.

She said she was told it was a private meeting by Lee May, except two other commissioners were allowed to participate in the meetings.

However, officials with DeKalb County said it was an interview for a new airport director and not a public meeting. They said the other commissioners were part of a panel and had conducted other interviews. 

Jester took to Twitter to express her displeasure with May.

Here is the news release in it's entirety from

"Today, Lee May, who remains the un-elected iCEO for DeKalb, kicked Commissioner Nancy Jester, an actual elected official, out of a taxpayer funded meeting in which other DeKalb County Commissioners were allowed to attend via his personal invitation.

"In a stunningly unprofessional action, Lee May told Commissioner Nancy Jester the interviews for Director of the Peachtree-DeKalb Airport (PDK) were private meetings. Lee May not only refused to invite Commissioner Nancy Jester, but once she arrived to go to work for the taxpayers of DeKalb County, Lee May, with raised voice and intimidation tactics, forced Commissioner Nancy Jester to depart the meeting against her will.

"However, Lee May, the un-elected iCEO, did allow two other DeKalb County Commissioners to participate in the interview process.

"Senior staff for Lee May confirmed to Commissioner Nancy Jester that the justification for the invitations to the two invited DeKalb Commissioners was that they represent part of PDK. When senior staff for Lee May acknowledged that Commissioner Jester represents part of PDK and presented this reality to Lee May he still refused to allow her to remain in the room.

"The taxpayers of DeKalb County District 1 were dis-enfranchised by the unethical and unprofessional actions of Lee May.  To allow certain districts which include PDK to have their Commissioner involved in the process while excluding one district is an act which excludes innocent taxpayers from the legitimate functions of government.  It is a complete insult to the taxpayers of District 1.

"Lee May put politics ahead of policy and good manners.  His action, to exclude the duly elected commissioner for the taxpayers of District 1, was punitive and petty. It is an action which calls into question the ability of Lee May to impartially govern. He has lost touch with reality, propriety, and respect and is now abusing his office.

"For the good of DeKalb County, Lee May should resign the office of iCEO before he harms and disrespects the taxpayers further."

Earlier this month, CBS46 reported Jester not only wanted interim CEO Lee May to step down, she wanted his position to be eliminated. 

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