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Defense attorney reveals why jewelry thief never stays in jail

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Doris Payne, 85 Doris Payne, 85

Atlanta defense lawyer Page Pate said Doris Payne, the international jewelry thief, will most likely get probation in her Atlanta case.

“What is missing from any of her crimes from what I could tell, is any suggestion that she either carried a firearm, held anybody up,” said Pate.

He said the 85-year-old usually gets a slap on the wrist because of the penalties for theft aren’t that harsh under state and federal law.

The defense attorney also said Payne’s age has worked to get her out of any serious punishment.

“I don’t think any judge is going to want to throw someone who’s 85 or 86 years old into the state prison system,” said Pate.

Only CBS46 was there when Payne walked out of the Fulton County Jail Tuesday night.

Her attorney Shawn McCullers said Payne will plead not guilty against accusations she stole from a Buckhead store. Police said she was able to slip earrings from Saks Fifth Avenue’s Christian Dior store into her pocket. They said the jewelry was worth almost 700 dollars.

“People that commit these crimes often do it under a type of compulsion and they don’t stop,” said Pate.

Payne will have to appear in court. No date has been set yet. CBS46 will keep you posted.

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