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Child sex trafficking victim speaks out

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Kathryn Blair said she was 3 years old when she was sold into human trafficking.

“My reality from 3 to 16 was that I was abused in my home physically… and then when there was exposure to this group of people, this very organized group of people…there would be gang rapes with dozens of children, dozens of buyers,” said Blair.

Although she was young, she said she knew what was happening to her was wrong.

“I tended to fight them and that fighting cost me a lot more in terms of violence and bondage. They used bondage a lot,” said Blair.

Blair doesn’t remember everything that happened to her, but every so often she said she catches a glimpse of the horror that was her childhood.

“I took a lot of trauma to my face as a child, a lot. But I do get to look in my face everyday and I see a nose that was broken, my jaw’s been dislocated several times, my nose has been broken several times,” said Blair.

After 23 years of counseling and coaching, the single mother says she can finally see her triumph and believes there is life after trauma.

“My emotions that I live in most of the time now are happy, they’re joy,” said Blair.

Now Blair is getting ready for a new smile. She plans on traveling to Canada, where a dentist has offered to give her a free dental makeover. She said her teeth are rotting from years of damage and neglect.

“If they are not immediately dealt with, I will lose them and frankly. I don’t think I’m supposed to lose another thing in my life,” said Blair.

The sex trafficking survivor started a gofundme campaign to help her get there. She said removing the physical reminder of her abuse, will help turn the page of pain and start a new story of peace.

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