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LaVista Hills voters react to decision to stay with DeKalb County

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In this year's elections, LaVista Hills voters decided to stay in DeKalb County by less than a one percent margin.

"I think what happened in LaVista Hills...some voters went to the polls wondering if, in fact, they were going to vote on a cityhood measure and immediately learn they were going to have new tax hikes to pay for services," said CBS46 political commentator Bill Nigut.

Allen Venet was one of the people pushing strongly for LaVista Hills to become a city.

"We argued and we thought the facts were on our side that taxers were not going to go up," Venet said.

Venet said he's tired of corruption and inefficiency he's experienced in DeKalb County. But now that's a slim majority.

"You know the real life consequences are that we continue with the status quo," Venet added.

"I happen to live in that community and I can tell you, if you went down my street you would see as many yard signs in favor of LaVista Hills as a city as those who were against it," Nigut said.

Proudly displaying one of those 'no' signs is Marjorie Snook.  She lives in a part of town that narrowly avoided becoming LaVista Hills.

Snook said, "I consider my community to be DeKalb County, and I have no desire to draw artificial lines to separate myself from that."

The group seeking LaVista Hill's cityhood said they are not seeking a recount, even though the decision was made by a difference of 136 votes.

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