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HUD wants to ban smoking in public housing

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wants to ban smoking on public housing property.

If the proposal goes through, lit cigarettes, cigars and pipes wouldn’t be allowed in homes, administrative offices and buildings, indoor common areas or any outdoor area within 25 feet of your home.

HUD said the ban will keep tenants and kids healthy, some smokers in East point agree.

“You have a lot of people who enjoy the breath of fresh air,” said Curtis McShann.

“Secondhand smoke is really  dangerous, so it’s for the best,” said Andreana Jackson.

HUD also said making all public housing smoke-free would save money across the board.

CBS46 double checked those numbers by taking a closer look at a Centers for Disease Control and prevention study released last year.

According to the report, $94 million will be saved in secondhand smoke healthcare. $43 million will be saved in renovations and $16 million will be saved in fire damage caused by smoking.  The total, amounts to $153 million per year. In Georgia that levels out to $4 million per year.

After everything is finalized it will take 18 months for the ban to become effective. However, citizens still have about two months to comment on the proposal.

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