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Couple flees rental home, mold growing in bed

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When Katerrell Barnes emailed CBS46's Better Call Harry about mold in her rental home, Harry was skeptical.  Mold is a common problem in Atlanta. According to mold experts, you can find some form of mold in almost every home.  

This was an unusual case. Barnes claimed that the amount of mold was getting worse by the day. No matter how much she and her fiancee, Charles Robinson, cleaned, the mold returned.  

Eventually, conditions inside the home got so bad, mold started growing on furniture, on clothes and worst of all, the couple's bed.  They reported it to Strategic Properties, the agency that manages the property for the landlord.  A maintenance man told them it was dust mites.

Better Call Harry brought in the experts. No Mold Atlanta confirmed that the mold spore count was 10 times what is considered normal.  Home inspector Stan Garnet with advised them to get out. The couple moved out that night.  The case is now in court.

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