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DeKalb sanitation worker accused of lying on application reinstated

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A DeKalb County sanitation worker is back on the job after being terminated 2 months ago. A DeKalb County sanitation worker is back on the job after being terminated 2 months ago.

Less than three months after a DeKalb County sanitation worker was fired following the release of a scathing corruption report, he's back on the job.

Sidarius Johnson returned to work for the first time in two months.  

He told CBS46 in October that he was appealing what he called a wrongful termination. 

“This is a violation of my rights as a county employee, this is why I’m fighting for my job back,” Johnson said. 

Johnson was fired after a county corruption report revealed that he was arrested for driving under the influence while working for the county.  After the incident, he resigned and was later rehired.  The sanitation department said he falsified his application by not mentioning his DUI.    

Read the appeal ruling for Sidarius Johnson

Union representative Eric Robertson represented Johnson and said the county was aware of his DUI and did nothing about it four years ago when the incident occurred.

“We thought that Sidarius was a scapegoat,” Robertson said.  “The Department representative admitted in the hearing that this whole incident and the determination itself was triggered by the corruption report so we don’t have to really speculate on that.”  

So we questioned the DeKalb County administration about what happened.
“If action was taken against Sidarius Johnson as a result of this corruption report coming out, then who is held accountable in that department?” CBS46’s Adam Murphy said.  
“We’re always looking at ways of improving our protocols and we’re looking for ways to prevent bad things from happening, unfortunately sometimes they do,” DeKalb County Spokesperson Burke Brennan said.
DeKalb County officials disagree with the ruling and made no mention of holding sanitation management accountable for Johnson’s improper termination.
Longtime DeKalb County taxpayer Jeff Long calls it yet another black eye for DeKalb.
“Truly this is an embarrassment as a taxpayer in DeKalb County that we have yet another dribble of information coming out from the Sanitation Department,” Long said.
“I think it’s a shame that a person like Sidarius Johnson who obviously is not making a ton of money where he works at the county was forced to go through this ordeal,” Robertson said.

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