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Crime wave hits DeKalb County community hard

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Local law enforcement officers held a news conference Tuesday to shed light on a crime wave that has hit one DeKalb County community hard.

Richard Wisniewski knows firsthand just how dangerous it is in his Lithonia neighborhood.

“We put some cameras up and we’ve got a monitor in the house that monitors it,” Wisniewski said.

He said his wife’s car was broken into in broad daylight.

“I thought it was a rock that they threw at it, but then when the guy came out to replace the windshield, he said it looked like they hit it with a baseball bat,” Wisniewski said.

Wisniewski said there are too many renters and not enough homeowners in the area which he believes contributes to the crime.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann established a task force this summer to combat the problem centered near Marbut Road and Phillips Road in Lithonia. 

“I would encourage them to remain vigilant with respect to their homes,” Mann said.

In a half mile radius he said there have been 800-crimes this year alone.

“Including 144 residential burglaries, 103 assaults and batteries, 114 incidents of criminal damage to property, 41 vehicle thefts and 49 incidents of entering autos,” Mann said.

And just last week, someone fired five bullets into a deputy’s home in the area.

“Fortunately, while he and his wife were home, their children were not home. No one, thankfully, was injured,” Mann said.

The sheriff said 25 deputies recently conducted safety check points in the area, but it hasn’t eliminated the crime. That’s troublesome for Joyce Carter who recently began renting a home in the community.

“That makes me worry about the safety and all of the grandkids, but myself as well as being a single person living in this area,” Resident Carter said.

CBS46 contacted District 5 Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson to see what she's doing about the issue, but she hasn’t responded.

Meanwhile, the sheriff said there will be a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of those involved in shooting into the deputy's home in the area.

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