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Atlanta watershed leaders seek solution to raw sewage in popular park

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Residents in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood say they are fed up with a recurring problem of raw sewage coming out of man hole covers when heavy rain rolls through.

Several of those residents took their concerns before a city council committee hearing Tuesday morning, and quickly gained the support of council members Yolanda Adrean and Howard Shook, among others.

The problem has been frequent this season, as heavy rains have saturated the ground and waterways. Memorial Park, just off Northside Drive near Bobby Jones golf course, has seen some of the worst of it, with what residents say has been a regular occurrence of raw sewage spilling into the park and playground area.

"I think it's about time people are getting upset about this issue," said resident Jason Holland, who had sewage spill into his own back yard during a recent bout of heavy rain. "For a very long time this has kind of flown under the radar."

Watershed Commissioner Jo Ann Macrina was unable to provide council members Adrean and Shook with the answers they sought, on when the problem might be remedied and what the next steps are. One suggestion by watershed leaders has been to raise the elevation of the man holes in Memorial Park by several feet, to prevent the sewage from seeping out.

"Our leadership is absolutely committed to fixing this," said Atlanta Department of Watershed Management spokeswoman Lillian Govus. "This playground is in a flood plain, so maybe we'll look at moving that playground to a place that's safer for children."

City Council admonished watershed leaders to come back with a firm plan of action, ready to present to council on February 23.

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