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Gwinnett prisoner accused of ordering gang hit with secret cell phone

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Gordon "QB" Evans. Photo source: WGCL Gordon "QB" Evans. Photo source: WGCL

CBS46 investigative reporter, Sally Sears has been shining the light for months on inmates sneaking cell phones into Georgia prisons with help from guards, and using them to run elaborate money-making telephone scams.

But now, the danger of contraband cell phones getting into prisons is rising to a new level.

Investigators explain, inmates aren't just using them to call their friends or post on social media.  They now say people are dying over it.

Police in Gwinnett County accuse a Georgia prison inmate of ordering a mob-style hit with a cell phone smuggled into jail.

CBS46 was in the courtroom, Wednesday, when prosecutors described how Gordon 'QB' Evans killed a man at a house in Lawrenceville without ever leaving his cell.

The victim, Jeffrey Anderson, was killed on River Station Court in November, where investigators learned, Evans demanded a 'Luca Brasi' be sent to the victim's house.

"We conducted a search for Luca Brasi, and it's actually a fictional character from the Godfather saga movies. He was known as the enforcer and assassin for the Corleone family," explained Gwinnett Homicide Detective, Patrick Watson.

Police said the 'Luca Brasi,' in this situation, was someone named Dossie Mann. They said Anderson had an unpaid debt to Evans of $500, and that's why Evans gave the "green light" for his murder.

"He was angry at Anderson because he loaned Anderson $500 to pay his rent, but then he saw Anderson on Facebook spending the money at the clubs, so he felt like it was a slap in his face," said Detective Watson.

Evans' defense attorney, George Plumides, said the figure is so small, it doesn't make sense to think his client would kill for it, "I think it's a stretch for the state to argue that he ordered a hit from prison over $500.00 worth of rent."

Police described in court how Mann and another suspect, Durell Lewis, went to Anderson's house on the night of the murder under the pretext of coming over to watch a football game.  Sometime during the game, police said Lewis and Mann drew their guns and tied Anderson up with phone cords. Detective Watson said Anderson offered the two men a kilo of cocaine to let him go, according to Lewis' recorded confession.

At one point, Anderson broke free of the phone cords and ran up to the second floor. According to Watson, that's when Mann and Lewis shot him to death.

Gwinnett County Police said Lewis is currently wanted for the murder, but hasn't been located yet.

According to police, everyone involved in this incident is a member of the Bloods, which, according to their records, has 300 known members in Gwinnett County.

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