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Midtown trench: Taxpayer dollars down the drain?

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If you had a trench running down the middle of your street you might consider calling your city or county to make repairs.  But what if every repair, was temporary?  What if your city or county made a series of temporary repairs over several years with no promise of a permanent repair?

Akm Mowla has been asking Atlanta's Public Works Department to repair a 300 foot stretch of Hirsch Street for five years.  Hirsch Street is located in Atlanta's Home Park neighborhood adjacent to Georgia Tech. Most of Hirsch Street is paved except for the portion that runs behind Mowla's home.  It's all gravel.  

Mowla said the city dumps loads of gravel three to five times a year, but it only takes a few good rains to wash it away.

The City of Atlanta has a $900 million backlog for repairs.  Voters passed a $250 million bond to pay for some of those repairs. Harry Samler talked to Atlanta City Councilman Ivory Lee Young Jr. to see if he can help. 

To see what projects that $250 million bond is paying for go to http://www.atlantaga.gov/index.aspx?page=1145.

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