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5 jurors chosen for pool in Justin Ross Harris trial

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Justin Ross Harris (Source: WGCL) Justin Ross Harris (Source: WGCL)

Day four of the Justin Ross Harris trial began with the questioning of more potential jurors. Then shortly after the lunch the process begin to start deciding who will who be picked for the jury and who will be "excused for cause."

The prosecutors and defense team agreed on three people being excused from the jury pool.

"Mr. Kilgore, Do you agree that numbers four, 11 and 12 are what you agreed could be excused for cause?" Superior Court Judge Mary Staley asked the defense team.

During this process both sides tried to get certain jurors dismissed.

Defense Attorney H. Maddox Kilgore felt one juror had already made up his mind of guilt.

"Juror one specifically expressed that he was bias toward guilt," Kilgore said. "Specifically said going into it, it was his belief Mr. Harris was guilty."

Prosecutor Chuck Boring wanted one person excused, saying he lied about his criminal history on the jury questionnaire.

"Had the state not had a criminal history to make sure we didn't have any felonies on the list we may not have never known because of his deceitful conduct in filling out this questionnaire," Boring said.

Five jurors were chosen to be part of a pool of qualified potential jurors. From that pool they will select jurors plus alternates. People can be struck from that pool.  

The jury selection process continues on Friday when attorneys will start questioning another panel of potential jurors.

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