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Day 5: Justin Ross Harris trial

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Justin Ross Harris greets his attorney with a fist bump (Source: WGCL) Justin Ross Harris greets his attorney with a fist bump (Source: WGCL)

It is Day 5 in the trial of Justin Ross Harris, the man accused of leaving his 22-month-old son Cooper in a hot car to die in June 2014.

Attorneys are continuing to select a jury to decide on the guilt or innocence of Harris. 

So far over the last three days, 19 jurors have been questioned and five have been officially dismissed.

Five jurors were chosen to be part of a pool of qualified potential jurors. From that pool they will select jurors plus alternates. People can be struck from that pool.  

CBS46 legal analyst Keegan Federal says this process won't be easy.

"The judge is the one who has the responsibility of seating a fair and impartial jury not the lawyers the lawyers are trying to get jurors partial to their side of the case," Federal said.

Court got going a little after 9:30 a.m. This is another day of trying to find people to sit on this case and be as impartial as possible.

Harris entered the courtroom shaking hands and bumping fists with his defense team.

Moments later court began with the first juror being called in to be questioned. The judge first asks the person if they are related to anyone involved in the case and if they have formed or spoke any preconceived opinions about the case.  

"I think if we don't start seeing some jurors being qualified by the judge that the judge is going to come to the conclusion that this case needs to be moved to another jurisdiction," Federal said.   

Then the defense and prosecution attorneys get to ask them questions, asking about family, jobs, and how much they know about the case.

Federal says because of all the media attention potential jurors will have opinions. He says in this high profile case, previous knowledge of the case or even an opinion won't necessarily keep them off the jury.  

"The law says that the judge has the obligation to further question that juror, see if he or she can be rehabilitated and will promise and swear that they will decide the case based only on the evidence they hear in the courtroom.

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