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Day 6: Justin Ross Harris trial, jury selection gets personal

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The Justin Ross Harris hot car death trial is now in it's second week. Authorities are sifting through potential jurors, asking them some rather personal questions.

Harris is accused of leaving his 22-month old son Cooper in a hot car to die in June of 2014.

Defense attorney Maddox Kilgore tried to lighten to mood with the first person brought in for questioning Monday.

"You are the first candidate of the day, so you haven't had a lot of time to sit back in that room getting extra, extra nervous about being out here," Kilgore said with a chuckle.

Lawyers for both sides got to ask questions they think will be important. Prosecutor Chuck Boring wanted to know more about whether the married other of a 3-year-old gets her news.

"You're a fan of gossip websites," Boring asked. "Which type what gossip websites?"

On her questionnaire, the woman had answered that she had an opinion in the case, leaning toward guilty.

The potential juror answered, "I think generally I'm a very fair person. As a parent of a young child I just really struggle to how something like this could happen."

Another juror questioned, a single father with two children, told the attorneys he can tell when someone is lying simply by looking at them.

"You wrote the term uncanny ability to detect lies. Those are the words you used. What did you mean by that?" Prosecuting attorney Jesse Evans asked.

The man answered, "Usually when I look into someone's eyes I can tell if they are being untruthful."

Lawyers also asked the man about his use of internet pornography, which the man acknowledged in a questionnaire. The man, who is single, said his porn use had not affected any of his relationships.

Those two were among the 16 qualified people selected so far for the potential jury pool.

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